"I can't thank Kelly enough for the incredible work of art that you created for me. She listened to my ideas and goal of what I wanted, understood what the personal significance of this first tattoo meant to me and wove it all together into a tattoo that exceeded my wildest imagination! The pallet of colors and the attention to all the details really shows. It has a very water color like look and feel to it - it doesn't look like a tattoo, rather something painted onto my body. Every person that I have shown it to has been super blown away by the colors, detail and presentation. I've told everyone who's asked about the artist and studio, including passing along your contact information. I'm proud and flattered to be able to wear Kelly's art work! I also want to say a big "thanks" to everyone who was there at Off The Map Tattoo on the day I was there. This was my first tattoo, my first experience in a "tattoo parlor" - lets be real here - you guys are not a tattoo parlor, by any stretch. The term "studio" is so much more applicable to the works of art that are created there. So this was my first time doing this sort of thing. For me it was a big step. I really appreciated the welcoming feeling that I got while waiting to get started. Which was a good thing - I was working hard to calm the adrenaline jitters and excitement I was feeling. Maybe it was the Buddha like vibe that Brian seemed to radiate while manning the desk and handling shop details. Or the sense of purpose the other artists seemed to have as they moved about. The really clean, brightly lit space went a long way to say "we know what we're doing here." All of it made for a really great first experience, one that I look forward to being able to repeat. I have some ideas for a second and third tattoo. When I am ready and know better what I want I will be calling you to set up another consult and appointment for more ink. Oh, the addiction has started! Thank you again!!" -AM Vermont

"Before coming to Off The Map Tattoo, I have had three tattoos done in three different shops because I never had the satisfaction of leaving any of those shops with the "complete" experience. I always felt very rushed even when I had an appointment. I had been contemplating getting another tattoo, but didn't know where to go because I had this fear that I would be let down again. When I read in the paper that Off The Map would be holding a fundraiser for the Gulf Coast I thought it was a great idea. I went down to visit the shop a week before the event and I was greeted in a very friendly manner and had all my questions answered. On the day of the event everyone was in a great mood, very energetic and truly excited to be raising money for a great cause. I had my tattoo done by Chloe, who was very cool and did a fantastic job! It's been one week and I'm so proud of my new tattoo, I have been telling all my friends and family about the great experience and how I can't wait to go back. I definitely found my new tattoo shop! Thanks Off The Map!!!"

"I'd gladly wait for Shawn Hebrank to come back to Off the Map again if I decide to get another tattoo. He turned a tattoo (by somebody else) that I was pretty unhappy with into one that I love and can't stop looking at. And the other folks at Off the Map made the whole thing a great experience - they were friendly, funny, and played great music!" -Britt Metivier, 29, Turners Falls

"I was very pleased with the tattoo I had done at your shop by Chloe, who did an excellent job. This was my second tattoo, but the first at your shop, and I was much happier with your establishment and staff. I will definitely return, when I want my next one." -Charlie Dumas

"After waiting more years than I can care to admit, this 50 something lady finally got her 1st tattoo. I can say the experience was all good so I look forward to having more work done. Ben R. was my artist and he was great. He understood what I was going for and I am happy to say we were on the same page, he was better at interpreting it than I was at 'splaining it. I picked a tender spot for my first and Ben was great at giving me a heads up as to what to expect. Cool music, fun conversation and friendly, talented staff... what more could you want? Thanks, Ben!!" -Cindy, Holliston, MA

"I had been in waiting for 2 weeks, since the first time I had walked in the door, to get my hole puncher tattoo and boy oh boy was it worth the wait! My goodness! Chloe, you are amazing! Thank you so very much for being so particular and wanting to take the time to listen and really contemplate the idea of my tattoo! It could not be more perfect! Thank you so very much! My husband, Cory and I have begun a new journey with Off the Map and we are so very glad that we have! The atmosphere in Off the Map is both friendly and inviting! The care and concern of each artist is untouchable! You are all phenomenal! I cannot wait to come back for my April appointment to finalize the beautiful start that you have already given my tattoo! I already took the time off of work! I am incredibly impressed by the treatment of the customers, how clean the shop was, and the genuine character of the entire staff! I felt incredibly comfortable and have told everyone I know about Off the Map! Chloe, I really do want to thank you. The more I see my tattoo, the more I fall in love with it! Cory loves it as well! It's going to be beautiful when it's finished! You are so talented and I am very pleased to say to my friends "Yes, Chloe, my tattoo artist, did this work!" I am so psyched to keep getting work done! Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience! I am sure that Cory and I will be having a running appointment log with Off the Map!!! We won't be going anywhere else and we WILL be getting many more tattoos!" -ClairAnn Muddiman, Springfield MA

"I wanted to take the time to message about my experience at Off the Map tattoo on Saturday evening (2/19/11) and contribute to the already positive perspective I had of your establishment before actually getting tattooed for the first time. I have always had the intent to have a lot of tattoo work on my body, but up until this year (my thirtieth) I haven't had the opportunity coupled with a place and the people that work there that gave me the feeling of a right fit for "me" (... which can be a tight fit ...). Off the Map tattoo and its staff give me that feeling. My wife and I met Mary to set up our first appointments while we were away for the weekend on our anniversary. She was most welcoming, cordial, and professional which gave a sense of ease about us having made a good choice of business. I met with Tim Saturday night for my appointment while my wife met with Chloe and they both greeted us with the same professionalism and candor. Tim spent time seriously discussing what my vision was for the tattoo, and then made quick work of making that vision much better with exceptional freehand artistry. He was down-to-earth and very easy to talk to; plus willing, if not just by captive audience during the tattoo, to let me bend (or burn) his ear about whatever came to my mind over two hours - for which I am also very thankful. He is a gifted and dedicated artist. I talked to Chloe less than my wife (who is coming back to Off the Map this next Saturday to get her "matching" work done), but in just the short conversations I had with her it was obvious that she has the utmost concern for the end satisfaction of customers while making sure that a tattoo is more than just the ink and flesh it's made up of. I met Ben in short passing when he popped in to see how things were going during the tattoo. We had a discussion about office equipment tattoos, some guy's furniture tattoo, and then some of my ideas about other tattoos I'd like to get. I can tell that Ben and I will also be having discussions in the future (about tattoos as well as maybe just completely random stuff...). So, its more than suffice to say that Off the Map certainly gave me a stellar first impression; Tim gave me an awesome tattoo along with making my first tattoo a memorable and "pain-free" experience; and that I will be coming back much sooner than later to continue my relationship with everyone there. Off the Map certainly hits right On the Mark. Thanks so much!" -Cory Muddiman, 30; Springfield, MA

"Ever since I started walking my Spiritual Path, I had wanted a Tattoo to mark this special time in my life. But like many people, I had never gotten a tattoo and quite frankly, I was scared. I kept putting it off and putting it off. But all along I kept having this nagging feeling in my heart. And one day I realized that I finally needed to do this. No more excuses! While working at a bakery in town I met Ben (and many of you from The Shop.. Love you guys!), and I really liked his energy. So I went on line and checked out his work. Well that sealed the deal. So I made my appointment to talk to him with my little drawing.. (ughgh) ... and the Basic concept of what I wanted from the Tattoo. I explained that it would be a spiritual tattoo... and then let him run with it. I am so happy that I did. He customized the colors and the design and they are perfect. He got it and was so respectful. One thing that really impressed me about Ben was the fact that I had originally wanted my piece to be on my lower back. Because of the shape of my body he told me that it just wouldn't look good there. He placed the stencil on my upper back and it was perfect.. and fit even more what the tattoo is for. I so appreciate Ben's honesty and creative input. I look forward to getting more work done by him! I work at Awentree, and a lot of people come in asking about where to get spiritual tattoos. I always point them to Off The Map!" -Darlene Laferriere (Dawn Rising)

"Hi Guys- It's probably been 2 or 3 years since I walked into your shop and spoke with one of your artists and asked him to design a special tattoo for my mid-back that somehow conveyed purpose, meaning and spirituality. Hmmm.. Two weeks later he called and said he had something to show me. When I looked at his art and what he had come up for me was fantastic, perfect and somehow just what I wanted. To this day, I don't know how he did it but I've been happy and pleased and get lots of positive comments about it. Thanks for the chance to let you know what a satisfied customer I am!" -Deb Jarosz

"I thank the heavens for Kelly Doty's portfolio. She is a true gift and to know she is located right in our own backyard.. I had the irises done on memorial day.. My first tattoo.. lol. 3 hours. I didn't know what to expect.. I am in shock and awe. Everyone else is blown away by the shading, detail and colors. Thank you for making me comfortable.. The shop is a relaxed atmosphere.. You are a true gift Kelly.. I've finally reached the symbology behind the irises @ the age of 50.. I will see you soon!" -Denise, Shelburne Falls, MA

"I had a great experience getting my first tattoo at Off the Map. I was super nervous, but all the staff there was awesome and quickly made me feel relaxed. Off the Map is very clean, bright and I loved the individual rooms where the artists worked. Ben Reigle did my tattoo, and it came out amazing! (I got a banner on my hip) The line work is incredible! He was very professional and helped me through the whole process. I can't wait to go back in the fall to add to the design. Thanks Off the Map!" -Devon, 26, Amherst, MA

"I absolutely LOVE my tattoo, I couldn't be happier. I was so happy of how clean the shop was, and how nice and helpful the staff was, how you went above and beyond to help me. Chloe is a wonderful artist and did an amazing job making my idea perfect. I don't know how she did it but the tattoo looks like it's 3D. I'm so incredibly happy and I will be back for something else in the future and I am so glad I was recommended to go to you guys and I will be recommending others as well." -Diane, MA

"I was a little nervous as this was my first tattoo, but my boss recommended your shop and I checked you out on the internet. I liked what I saw on your website so as I drive right by on my way home I decided to stop by. I was very warmly greeted by Chloe who provided the answers to my questions very knowledgeably and professionally, so I decided that I would not only have my tattoo done at your shop, but I would ask Chloe to be the artist who did the work. I am not disappointed in that decision. Her artwork is great and her skill at tattooing is too. She made sure I was comfortable and was very pleasant to work with. I now want another... and it will definitely be at Of the Map and with Chloe." -Donna Slocombe

"Off The Map is a spacious but yet intimate tattoo shop that lives up to it's name and is nestled away in cow country, literally. I had to pass some cow farms to get there but ended up in a cool little town. I arrived to a spotless, well organized shop with a very helpful staff attending to me. An obvious sign of cleanliness is the bathroom and their bathroom was immaculate! Their tattoo chairs are extremely comfortable for nice long sittings. This is truly a first class tattoo studio with world class artists visiting on a regular basis and the resident artists are pumping out some bad ass work as well. I traveled 3 hours from NYC to visit this place and it was well worth the drive. If you are looking for a clean shop that treats you like family, Off The Map Tattoo should be your first choice." -Elan Berko, 25, NYC

"My experience at Off The Map was phenomenal! Chloe was the perfect match for me and I left with a tattoo that was more beautiful and more spectacular than I ever could have envisioned. I came into the shop, which was immaculate, with a vague idea.. Chloe breathed life into it. She offered advice honestly and expertly, and it was clear that she had knowledge and experience in her craft. She even researched the subject matter of my tattoo; I was in awe when I came back in after my consult to see all of the preparation that she had done. I have 2 babies at home, so juggling appointments with childcare can be a bit of a hassle, but I was impressed with the way Chloe and the rest of the staff worked with my schedule. We ended up doing the entire 6-hour tattoo in one sitting - Chloe's focus and efforts to make my tattoo flawless kept me determined even when I wanted to tag out. Her passion for her work was evident and her enthusiasm was contagious! Chloe wasn't finished with me when I walked out the door either. She was available as my tattoo healed and guided me in that process as well, spending time with me on the phone and answering all of my questions carefully. I still have to come back to get the rest of my tattoo done - about another 6 hours - an can't wait to return to Off The Map and see the end result of Chloe's artistry. I will never go anywhere else for a tattoo!" -Elizabeth, 32, CT

"My good friend Sarah and I both went to Off The Map to get white ink lotus tattoos and had an absolutely great experience at the shop! It's a clean, friendly, open, and wonderful space. Ben did both of our tattoos, which have great personal meaning, and he took such good care of both of us. I would love to come back to the valley and get more work done at Off The Map!" -Emily, Northampton, MA

"Got the beginnings of my tattoo this monday with Kelly... She was an amazing artist and approached the concept with such enthusiasm which truly translated into her work! I can't wait until we reach the end!" -Felicia Gonzalez, 24, Springfield

"I had a great time at your tattoo shop and I am thrilled with my bumblebee tattoo!! Kelly did a PERFECT job on it and it's exactly what I wanted!! It was also nice that she gave me choices to pick from that she had drawn and even added eyelashes at my request before it was done. LOVE IT!!! I've been showing it to all my friends and family and they think it's adorable and very nicely done!! Again, GREAT job, Kelly!!! I will highly recommend your shop to all my friends!!" - Jackie Lupario, MA

"Well if you are looking to be totally satisfied, do business with a shop that cares for and about there customers. Look no further then Off The Map. The customer's ideas are always welcomed. Kelly is currently working on my 3/4 sleeve. Her talents far exceed my expectations. I'm speechless after each sitting. She is a true artist and I am so impressed. I find that all the artists are very talented. I will never go anywhere else. It's a shame I don't have more then one canvas to fill." -JB, Belchertown

"I recently got a tattoo done by Kelly Doty at Off the Map Tattoo and I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. I got my dad's Vietnam dog tags tattooed on my foot since he passed away when I was younger. This was not only my first tattoo but also something that is very near and dear to my heart. I left the dog tags with Kelly to draw something up and she did an amazing job. She made the experience of getting tattooed enjoyable and was able to calm my nerves as well. She is an amazing artist and a lot of fun. I highly recommend her as an artist and Off the Map as a tattoo shop. I will continue to go to Off the Map for all my tattoos :)" -Jen Yergeau, 23, Chicopee, MA

"In June I needed to have surgery to remove a bone tumor and was out of work for three months. I got lonely and BORED real fast. One Saturday, a neighbor decided to have a "Tattoo Party" at her place. GREAT!!! I had been wanting a small piece anyway, and needed to get out of the house. Long story short, you get what you pay for and I PAID the price by having a not so pretty tattoo on my arm - for months!!!! I finally decided to stop by and talk to someone about "fixing" this evidence of lapse in judgment. Tim was in the shop. He whipped out a pen, freehand drew on my arm and I was AMAZED!!! I was falling in love with the shop, simply via emails from Mary, who answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. After, my experience with Off the Map Tattoo, I can say... I am smitten!!! I will recommend to everyone. Thank you, Mary for making me feel welcomed even before I walked in. Thank you, Tim for giving me a piece I can finally feel happy to show off." - Jenn Szol, Northampton, MA

"Yesterday I got my first tattoo, flowers and a chinese symbol on my right ribs/side and was petrified. I had the honor of having a guest artist, Christian Perez who was phenomonal! The setting was great along with each staff member. Awesome experience, will definitely recommend!" -Jennifer Brouillette, Easthampton, MA

"I kept going over in my head over and over for months about getting a tattoo. So I finally decided to get one and I couldn't have gotten a better tattoo anywhere. I'm so proud to show it off to friends and family. It's absolutely amazing, Chloe did an amazing job. Three hours was quite a haul for a first tattoo but it was worth every second. Special thanks to Chloe and everyone else at Off the Map! I love your place and hope to get another tattoo there in the future." -Jordan, MA

"I found OTM through a google image search of tattoo designs. I fell in love with the colors of that work and was thrilled to find out that they were here in MA. As I thought all of the work was amazing from the different artists, I particularly knew that I needed to have a piece done by Kelly since I was looking for a nature inspired piece and her butterflies were outstanding. I chatted with Kelly on the day of the work (4/30) and brought reference pictures of stuff I liked and didn't like. Her drawing of the finished piece exceeded my expectations. I was also extremely impressed with the professionalism and how clean the shop was. Kelly prepared her whole tray, machine and all colors in front of me. Her work looked amazing after and is healing quite nicely. Being that it is a foot tattoo, the shop has also been really great at answering my questions when I had a concern a few days later. I have had so many compliments on the work and can not thank her enough!" -Kristin, MA

"So not surprisingly I love Off The Map!!!! Everyone at Off The Map is awesome- it is like going to family!!!! Everyone is so nice and of course are unbelievable artists!!!!! My three biggest and best tattoos are from three artist from Off The Map! My most recent was just done my Ben Reigle. It is a cover up and beautiful!!!!! I recently went out for the night and received what I would consider the best reaction to a tat!!!! A girl walked up to me to ask if she could see it - so ok - and she asked "is that a gerbera daisy?" - Yes - I said and she yelled - "aghhhhwooowwwoooaaagghhh" Yeah she liked it!!!!!!! So needless to say I will continue to get all my tattoos at Off The Map!!!!!" -Laura, 34, CT

"I just wanted to tell you I've been singing your shop and Tim's praises to Everyone. My tattoo is a HUGE hit with everyone who sees it they all agree it's amazing. I wanted to thank you for being SO helpful with all my questions, and I was pleasantly surprised at how everyone remembered who I was, what I was thinking of, etc right away, and for making it so easy. And a special shout out to Tim, he's amazing, he did an amazing job and it's better then i could have IMAGINED, everyone agrees the work is TOP notch, that the vine/swirls he did where done so straight and fine , that he's a TRUE Artist. I've referred about 4 people to you already, and I'm excited to save up and work on some Ideas with Kelly, but now I'm torn, I LOVE the work Tim did, but I Love the work I've seen of Kelly's, well I've got plenty of skin :) Thank you again so much to you, Tim and the whole shop for being so friendly and help full and welcoming to a newbie." -Linda, MA

"My experience has been great at Off the Map Tattoo. I am a new transplant to Easthampton, having moved there this past July. I was thrilled to find a tattoo shop so close to my new place! I was ready for another tattoo, just needed the right shop/artist. A little back ground. I have been traveling to Peru for a few years now, working with a Shaman in a small village off the Amazon River. I had been dabbling in Shamanic work for years so it was a dream come true when the opportunity to work with a Shaman in such an indigenous area came up. Long story short, I had a beautiful, profound and life changing experience during a ceremony (Ayahuasca is a plant "medicine" used in ceremony) that involved an anaconda snake. One might find it hard to find beauty and profundity dealing with an anaconda, I suppose, but what can I say, you just had to be there. (o: At any rate, after that ceremony, I knew I had to include an anaconda in my next tattoo. But where to start? As with my other tattoos, I just figured it would unfold at the right time. As any tattoo enthusiast knows, getting a good, meaningful tattoo by an artist you feel comfortable with is well worth the wait, so I did. Fast forward almost 2 years. While exploring our new neighborhood, my partner and I decided to check out Off the Map. I was looking for books of the artist's work and noticed a nice assortment on a table near the window - several talented artists to choose from! Chole's work caught my eye, though as she seemed to specialize in animal tattoos. I loved the color and detail of her work so that was it, I wanted her to do my tattoo. She happened to be standing at the counter and asked if I needed help and so the unfolding of my new tattoo began. Given the nature of my experience in Peru, I wasn't able to find a picture that captured the beauty and profundity of it so I explained this to Chloe and with out a hitch, I could see her mind fast at work, visualizing a design. Here I was explaining that I had this amazing experience during an Ayahuasca ceremony, with a Shaman, in the middle of the Peruvian jungle - vague and funky as it was - that I wanted it on my stomach, oh and also wanted to cover up a small old tattoo that no longer held meaning for me. Her response? "Cool!" as if she drums up visions of anacondas and ayahuasca every day! Then she went into artist mode, talking about options, sharing ideas, showing me cover ups she's done, other animal work, etc. From there she said she'd research anacondas and ayahuasca and when I went in to see the draft the following week - there it was, she did it! Not that I expected anything less, but wow, she had pictures of anacondas and ayahusca and came up with an amazing design that captured my experience, I'm still amazed. Chole's professionalism, respect (for what this meant to me), creativity and enthusiasm for her work is fabulous. Just like that, this amazing part of my life is fast becoming a permanent fixture on my belly - the beauty of tattoos and a fabulous artist! The first appointment was in September and healed nicely. My second appointment is Oct. 8 and I'm anxiously ( patiently (o: ) awaiting the completion. My experience at Off the Map in general, has been lovely and in case it isn't glowingly obvious, I am thrilled with the design that Chloe created. Seems like a great group of talented artists working together, supporting each other. I am saving up for yet another tattoo for Chloe to do. I definitely recommend her or any of the artists at Off the Map" -Mary Jo Schwie, 42, Easthampton, MA

"I have wanted to get a tattoo for a couple years, but didn't have the funds, nor could I find an artist that I felt could accurately depict what I wanted. After looking at some of Kelly's work online and in the shop, I was sold (the coloring/shading was awesome). The experience was great (despite my first tattoo being on my ribs) and Kelly definitely made it fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere at the shop. I couldn't be happier with the work that was done and am going back in to get it finished up in August. Can't wait!" -Matt Steinberg, Hartford, CT

"I recently got my first tattoo completely reworked and I think it's now perfect! Tim did an excellent job on my much needed rework and gave it exactly what it needed to transform it from what was basically just an outline to a colorful, well crafted, and complete tattoo. It was also my first time getting work done at Off the Map so not only was I impressed with the final tattoo from Tim, but the environment at the shop as well. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking to get tattoo work done to check out Off the Map and to talk to Tim if they are looking for an exceptional and vibrant piece." -Matt, Northampton, MA

"I have always wanted a tattoo but never did anything about it. Till my mom got her first one and she helped me pick out something really nice. My brother had his Tattoos done at your shop. So I knew Off the Map was the place I could go and know it would be an awesome experience and boy was I right. My mom and I decided to go together to my first and her second. We got set up with Ben and he was so much fun put us both at ease right away. I let Ben come up with the coloring and he is brilliant at shading. I am planning on get a second one and there is no doubt in my mind where I will be having it done. Thanks again." -Meb Flood

"Our beloved dog died in February and your very special artist, Chloe, helped so much with my grieving process. I brought in several momentos along with Valley's picture and ashes. Chloe spent so much time with me discussing and planning the best way to remember Valley. We decided on a simple spiral design - which she drew on my forearm. Chloe chose 3 separate colors (all in brown tones) and added small amounts of ashes to each. Chloe allowed me to burn sage and spend time remembering my dear, sweet friend. My tattoo is precious. Every day I look down at my arm and I am reminded of a wonderful companion - a special being - who is forever with me. Namaste." -Megan, MA

"I got a tattoo at Off The Map. I had a great time with Kelly Doty. She made me feel very comfortable the whole time I was there. I have told several of people about Off The Map. The first thing they said was "Why did I go so far to get a tattoo?" I told them "After all the research I did I feel like they were the best place for me to go. Plus Kelly was recommend by a friend." Now that I have the tattoo half way done everyone is in awe of it. I think they are just as excited I as am to get the color put in. I don't plan on getting another one done anytime soon, but when I do I am coming right back to Kelly. Thanks Kelly Doty and Off The Map" -MoNiQue, Springfield, MA

"As a 47 year old grandmother of 2... I thought that I might be too old for a tattoo... but my first trip to Off the Map changed my mind completely! Chloe was incredibly helpful, answered every question that I had, and gave me my very first (and NOT my last) tattoo!! it's GORGEOUS!! and I'm trying to decide what my next will be... I'd never go anywhere else... and have sent friends there also... I'm just sorry that I waited so long... I LOVE IT!!!" -Nancy, 47, Chicopee, MA

"My tattoo was done by Jon VonGlahn from Kelly Doty's flash at your Gulf clean up fundraiser. The first time I got a tattoo was over 20 years ago when it was illegal in MA. My partner and I went to RI, drank some aweful wine coolers before walking into a random tattoo shop. I had no idea what I was walking in to nor did I do any research about tattoos. Needless to say I got a run of the mill tattoo and the artist enjoyed showing me the most sensative place he'd recieved a tattoo. Times have changed. I'm older, wiser and with the same wonderful life partner. This time she did not want a tattoo so I went solo. I had the image I wanted and had been slowly looking into artisits when I literally stumbled upon the article in paper about your fundraiser. I studied your website and artisits. There was no doubt in my mind this was the right place, the right time and the right reason to get a tattoo. It just clicked. I was so excited that I awoke at 5:30 am August 8th. I got to your shop very early and totally lucked out because I was first in line and Jon was the first artist up. He was my first choice and funny enough, Kelly was in my top three artists I wanted to tattoo my body. As a nurse, I was aware of how clean your shop is and Jon's aseptic technique. The atmosphere was electric with a collective consciousness of all the participants coming together for a worthy cause. I was also struck by the comradery and genuine repsect by the artisits for one another's work and the art of tattoo. Brian is such a great embassedor of good will and very knowledgable about the tattoo business. He made me feel welcome and safe. The entire experience was a keystone event in my live. It shifted my awareness. I work very hard doing and caring for others. Typical mother, nurse, and "wife" behavior of a middle aged middle American. But since getting my tattoo I have been doing things for myself. Healthy things like regular exercise and buying new clothes that flatter my body shape. I feel sexier too. I love my tattoo for its beauty and for what is has done for my self esteem. I want to show it to the world but that's hard to do because it is next to my left breast. In hindsight, this is my true nature. I am a behind the scenes kind of gal who occasionally likes the spot light. Thank you for setting this event in motion. I am thrilled to have been caught up in it because it has made me a better person to myself." -Nicole

"I went to Off the Map for my first tattoo and it was an amazing experience. When I was looking into places to get tattooed I was worried I'd be stuck going to some grungy, heavy-metal type shop. But then I found Off the Map and the atmosphere there is amazing! They have a very professional, clean, and comfortable environment for you to get tattooed in. The people where were very pleasant and helpful. The custom work they do there is amazing. The tattoos they create aren't just "flash" you pick off a wall! The artists there are exactly that- Artists. I will definitely be coming back here for more!" -Rachel Young, 20, Chicopee, MA

"On April 9, my wife convinced me to attend an art showing at Off the Map tattoo. Everyone greeted me and made me feel welcomed. While there decided to make the most of the time and started to look at the resident artist's portfolios. Wow! The talent is breathtaking. For the next few days, Jenn, my wife, kept asking what I thought of the place; I wouldn't answer. I ready knew I'd be booking my first consultation this weekend. I'm really looking forward to the following adventure. Ill be sure to let you know how this all works out." -Richard Szol, 42, Easthampton, MA

"I had Chloe do an african iris memorial tattoo for me after my grandmother passed back in January. Firstly let me say I have never received compliments on any of my other tattoos quite like I've gotten with this one. Secondly I have never been more in love with any piece of art quite like I am with this tattoo. I look over my shoulder everyday and it makes me smile. I can't wait to come back to your shop and I will never go elsewhere for a tattoo. Thank you so much!" -Sandra Abbott, 28, Boston, MA

"I had made the mistake of getting a My Neighbor Totoro outline from someone who was not a professional tattoo artist, and I decided to have Kelly fix it after she did a fantastic job on a Hello Kitty tattoo for me. She proceeded to completely transform it and it looks better than I could have ever imagined. I am so proud to show it off, and everyone who has seen it has commented on how wonderful the color and shading are. I have recommended Off The Map to everyone I know considering a tattoo because of the relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and of course because of how amazing the artists are. I will absolutely be sticking with Kelly for any future tattoos not only because of how good her work is, but because she made me feel very comfortable. Thank you to Kelly and everyone else at Off The Map!" -Stephanie, Easthampton

"I had this idea for my first tattoo in my head for nearly three years. Being an avid fan of the "Saw" films, I wanted to get a tattoo of a puzzle piece that looked like it was cut out of my skin. I had checked some local shops (I'm from the Berkshires) and searched the internet, but nothing I saw ever made me want to actually get it done. Then one day I stumbled onto the website and was blown away. I instantly noticed the high quality of the work done by the artists and knew that this would be the place to get my tattoo. I set up a consultation appointment with Kelly Doty who seemed pumped to do the work I wanted. When I came in to get the tattoo done, Kelly couldn't have been any nicer or more professional, making sure that everything was exactly the way I wanted it. What I found to be the coolest part of the experience was when Kelly drew the entire tattoo on my back with markers instead of coming up with a full sketch beforehand. When I saw the finished "marker" work, I was so blown away I couldn't wait for it to become permanent. Since I am a diabetic, Kelly was extra careful with her work as to make sure that I didn't have any complications in the following weeks, which really made me feel comfortable and again only proves how nice and professional she was. The finished product is more than I could have ever hoped for. I even put a photo of the tattoo on my Facebook page and had a friend comment asking if it was a photo from the newest Saw movie! That's what I call amazing work. I've got some other ideas for more tattoos kicking around and when I decide to get another one, I know I will be coming back to Off The Map." -TC, Becket, MA

"I recently visited the shop on Feb 21, and had an appointment with Teresa Sharpe. I just want to start by saying the shop itself had a very comfortable vibe. I also liked the decor and the setup. I had never been there before and I was impressed. I found Teresa on the internet just by searching for tattoo conventions, and her name popped up. Which surprised me because we have the same name, (mine last name by marriage) so I had to get a tattoo by her. I am so glad she came to New England, I probably would not have made it out to her area anytime soon. I love my new tattoo and I am very impressed with her work. My current artist has been tattooing for many many many years and so it really impresses me that these young artist do so well. I was also able to chat with Kelly a little bit, she is quite a riot. I hope to visit your shop again soon. Thank you for having Teresa Sharpe visit your tattoo shop." Teresa Sharpe

"I've been to Off the Map twice now. Both times getting tattooed by Shawn Hebrank. First thing I'd like to say is Off the Map has a huge and great selection of tattoo artists! Shawn moved to MPLS from CT and its difficult to go out there and get tattoo. But Off the Map has made it very easy to get tattooed by the artist I wanted. Secondly, the people at Off the Map are extremely helpful and some of the nicest people you'll ever meet! You're greeted with a smile and a warm and happy atmosphere! Off the Map is very easy to get too and I know I'll be going there many more times. Also, I happened to set a record for most visitors... they loved it!" -Todd, CT

"I've been coming to Off the Map Tattoo since the beginning. Gabe and the crew have always been very kind and helpful. I've had 4 sessions there at Off the Map, all over 7 hours long. Received a great horned owl from Joshua Carlton, a Spotted leopard from Mike Devries, A Fall tree (still in progress) from Nick Baxter, and some cover up work from Carson Hill. All these appointments are now great memories for me, as I would never truly had a chance to be with these fine artists if it were not for Off the Map Tattoo bringing these world class artist to our area." -Tom Sperlonga, 47, Lee, MA

"I would like to start by saying thank you for taking Kimberely and I on such short notice... the reason for us being there was absolutely so personal and you knew the time frame we had was short and yet you took us in. I am so thankful and appreciative of that act kindness, words fail me, you guys are wonderful! I feel like I need to share the bizarre string of events that got me the WORLD'S BEST TATTOO!

I could not be there for the consultation and my sister Kimberely expressed what I wanted for a tatt. On the day of the appointment my sister and I were casually looking through the books of your artists. To my amazement the original tattoo that I emailed to my sister before the consultation was done by Kelly Doty. (it is a tattoo of a butterfly that looks like it is actually landing on an arm and the shadowing is so life like!!!)

As it turned out, when Kelly and Chloe came out with the drafts of our tattoos respectively, the picture Kelly showed me was exactly what I had pictuered. I cannot believe how Kelly knew, but she knew!

To make a short story really long and even longer; I must tell of the response of others' to my tattoo: I work for a government agency, and when I got back my co-workers were blown away with the tattoo. After that it has been an onslought of people commenting on the artistry and the colors and the beauty of the tattoo. I can't hide my enthusiam! 2 weeks after the tattto was done, people were commenting on the aritstry and the workmanship and the colors.

Everywhere I go people ask me where I got it done... and I tell EVERYBODY!!! it was Off the Map Tattoo in East Hampton MA.

P.S. I even had 2 tattoo artists say it was the best tattoo they had ever seen and one told me his were junk compared to mine."

XOXO Tracey, the sister of Kimberely, who turned me on to U guys.. thanks 4 making life have purpose and meaning.

"On April 30, 2008 I received a tattoo from Stretch. I picked that particular day because it was the 3rd year anniversary of my brothers death from a suicide. I found off the map tattoo by typing in cardinal tattoo on my laptop and the first entry on the page was off the map tattoo in Easthampton, MA which is where I live. The cardinal is a symbol that came to me first when I was reading a book about a boy who committed suicide and the mother would constantly see a cardinal flying around her home. I thought that was a special connection. I then would send my mother cardinals for Christmas in remembrance of Tim and since then every year on his anniversary a cardinal lands in my yard to visit. The day that I was to get the tattoo I was anxious receiving my first tattoo and speaking on the phone to my friend looking out the window and there came the cardinal bird landing in the middle of my yard reassuring me that it would be ok. My brother was a tattoo fan. So, as I type this it is only two days away from his fifth anniversary and I know that my brother will visit me again. The tattoo came out exactly like I pictured it and will always keep my brother close with me. Thanks for this very special gift." -Vicki Lavertu, Easthampton, MA

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