Custom Tattoo Artists:
Carson Hill- Newbury Park, CA
Dan Henk- Bellmore, NY
Dan Plumley- Aurora, IL
Dana Helmuth- Salisbury, MD
Darrin White- Asheville, NC
Dee Dee- Spring Hill, FL
Erin Delude- Easthampton, MA
Eva- Cheektowaga, NY
Hector Cedillo- Worcester, MA
Jason Ackerman- West Palm Beach, FL
Jeff Ensminger- Addison, TX
Jesse Smith- Richmond, VA
Jimbo- Westbury, NY
Johnny Berrios
Josh Hibbard- Bakersfield, Ca
Joshua Carlton- Shelbyville, IN
Kandyman Joe- Mount Pleasant, IA
Kyle Cotterman- Dayton, OH
Larry Brogan- Lockport, IL
Lou Jacque- Branford, CT
Luca Natalini- Babylon, NY
Mike Demasi- Hesperia, CA
Mike Devries- Encino, CA
Mike Gutowski- Easthampton, MA
Muriel- Macomb, IL
Nick Baxter- Branford, CT
Nick Trammel- Easthampton, MA
Nikko- Apple Valley, CA
Paul Acker- Philadelphia, PA
Pick- Copenhagen, DENMARK
Ryan Jacque- Easthampton, MA
Steve Morris- Verona, PA
Tattoo Andy- Waterbury, CT
Vinny Burkhart- Casselberry, FL

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Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith

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