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I started tattooing in June of 2003 in Southern Ca. These days I tattoo mostly on the road, guest spotting at different shops. My home base is Los Angeles, CA. I work on an appointment only basis. I am currently only taking appointments that I feel inspire and interest me the most, please see the below instructions on how best to start the creative process. *** Email me a brief description of what you wish to have done; please include the following. -Color or Black and Grey? -Location? -Size? -Imagery? -Budget? -Etc.... I do my best to respond to every request, please understand that I am a 1 man operation and if I don't get back to you by no means does it reflect on my interest in tattooing you. I am very fortunate to have as many people interested in getting work done and I do my best to insure that every customer leaves with art we are proud of. Thank you, Nathan