Wednesday September 4, 2013

New England News: August Testimonial Winner


Thanks to one of our clients Karie who sent in this lovely testiomnial about her experience with Off the Map Tattoo and one of our full time artists Johnny Smith. Don't forget we have a monthly drawing for a $50 gift certificate if you submit a review about your expereince!! All you have to do is review us on Yahoo, Google, Facebook or email it directly to to be entered!


I had wanted a tattoo for years but deciding on what I wanted for my first tattoo took some time. I finally decided the most important person in my life should be the subject of my tattoo. A portrait of your child on your body was not something I was going to let just anybody do. I got suggestions from friends and family, and though some of their suggested artists did portraits, their work in their galleries did not look consistent. So I researched on the Internet of who does the best portrait tattoos. I saw some great suggestions, if I wanted to go to California. Not so much. Then I kept seeing Off The Map, repeatedly. So I started looking at the work of their artists in the galleries. I was extremely impressed. I emailed them, telling them what I wanted, sent a pic of my daughter, and some styles I liked. They suggested Johnny Smith, "he's our portrait guy". They were right! Not only did Johnny do justice to my beautiful daughter, but helped me get an artsy component into the background using pixelation. I have had several compliments. Everyone says what a well done tattoo it is. I am glad to say he may get some more business from around Saratoga, NY as a result. Totally worth the drive. And I'll be back for more. Thanks guys.

Karie, 38, Easthampton, MA

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Once you do that, we give you a $25 gift certificate towards your next tattoo! Super easy! We have tons of shiny new bumper stickers to give out so come grab one, support the shop, stick it on your car, your parents car, your significant others car... just make sure wherever you put it, you have permission!

Thanks for your continued support of Off the Map Tattoo!

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