Thursday December 6, 2012

Northwest News: Holiday Party!



Join us on Dec. 20th at 7pm as we will be hosting a grandiose Holiday Party at our shop!!! Whatever holiday is important to you is a holiday worth celebrating, so why not celebrate with us?!


We will be offering FREE catering from the scrumptious Fulcrum Dining, every person through the door will receive a $25 Off the Map Gift Certificate, live music by Jared Masters, an evening game of “Pin the Tramp Stamp on Mrs. Claus” with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes, and tons of prizes from our FREE raffle including a $250 Off the Map Gift Certificate!!!



This event is FREE, and though some adult beverages will be provided we urge everyone to Bring Your Own Beer (or Beverage of choice) to help us with the merriment! Tell your friends and family! We look forward to celebrating with you!!




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