Sunday October 16, 2011

Fall is here at Off the Map Tattoo

If you are here in New England, everyone knows that Fall is definitely here in full-effect!  The leaves are demonstrating their beauty with wonderful hues of red, yellow, orange, and brown.  Not to mention, everyone here at Off the Map Tattoo loves this time of year and it shows:

Off the Map Tattoo

Decorating with the change of seasons is definitely an exciting venture, where seasonal imagery often turns into great custom tattoos done by our resident artists.

Off the Map Tattoo

Everything from pumkin tattoos, like this one done by one of our guest artists, Remis:

Remis Pumpkin Tattoo

Or just Fall themed tattoos ingeneral.  This one was just done by our resident artist Kelly Doty:

Kelly Doty Tattoo

Stop in to Off the Map Tattoo with your Fall themed tattoo idea and have one of our resident artists or next week's guest artist Matthew Davidson put a great custom tattoo on your skin!

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