Tuesday September 27, 2011

Myke Chambers Watercolor Painting Seminar


We are pleased to formally announce that Myke Chambers will be doing his water color seminar at Off the Map next month. It coincides with his guest spot, which too bad for you, he's fully booked for, but if you missed out on a tattoo appointment, there's plenty of space in his seminar!


Check out a slideshow of his paintings here!


The Basics of Traditional Tattoo Flash Watercoloring Seminar by Myke Chambers October 26 @ 7pm

Cost is $80- Call Off the Map Tattoo to sign up! 413-527-6574

“I've been asked in the past to do seminars on tattooing but i've always turned down the offers. I mean, what would I teach it on?  How to pull a straight line and pack solid color? And then call it “things you should know already but don't”? Nope. 

The questions I get asked the most are about painting with watercolor so I thought this would be a good seminar as you don't see it offered often. Watercoloring isn't as easy as it might look...well, I take that back, if you know a few simple tricks it's actually pretty easy. After you get the basics down it's only a matter of practice and patience. With this seminar i'm offering you the basics that will set you on your path...nothing too technical...keep it simple stupid”-Myke Chambers 

Topics Covered:



-Paint (watercolor verses liquid acrylic)

-Spit shading



This is a hands on seminar, brushes, paint, and paper will be provided. (supplies permitting)

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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