Tuesday November 2, 2010

Scotty Munster is Tattooing This Weekend!

We are super duper excited to have Scotty Munster back this weekend to tattoo at the shop from Friday-Sunday. Scotty has 1 opening Friday but a list of folks who want in, if you're one of them, email him and be the first to call and leave a deposit to get the spot for the tattoo appointment! 

Even though Halloween is over it's not to late to get a creepy tattoo like this franken-snail tattoo with a pumpkin shell! Anyone who follows Scotty's work knows he's all about snails and can't seem to stop doing neck tattoos. We would REALLY love to see Scotty do an awesome neck tattoo while he's here. How can you resist?

If snails and creepy things aren't your style, Scotty does other cutesy things too, like this Reptar tattoo.

Either way, scope out his online portfolio and check out his amazing work. If you don't get in this time around, hopefully he'll be back in 2011 and you can catch him for one of his signature illustrative tattoos then!

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