Tuesday October 19, 2010

No Drive Through Service

 An SUV did in fact crash into the front of Off the Map, but everyone is ok. We can only guess it was a good old mix up between the break and the gas, but we're really not sure. The windows are being boarded tonight and we will be open for business as usual. We appreciate everyone's concern, but we're really just thanking our lucky stars no one in the shop, or in the street for that matter, were injured.

So this week especially, we'll need some drinks, make sure you don't forget to go to our tattoo appreciation party on Thursday at Brass Cat in Easthampton starting at 8pm, buy us a drink and the talk to the staff who all lived to tell the tale! We will also be having our video testimonial day the same day from 6-8pm, because we don't allow small problems like not having a front window stop us from doing business as usual. We'll be giving out $25 gift certificates for folks who show up for testimonials and and additional $25 for the first 10 people who show up for the party!

Call 413.527.6574 with any questions!


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