Monday September 20, 2010

Meet the Off the Map Tattoo Staff #8: Hector Cedillo

Meet Hector... he tattoos at the shop on Mondays, and well, I'll let his picture and interview speak for itself.

1. How long have you been tattooing and how did you get started?

I been Tattooing since 2003  and I started without knowing anything about tattooing I never had a tattoo apprenticeship of any kind, not because I didn't want to, but there was no one good around to  show me, so I took matters into my own hands and worked really hard to get where I am now.. I am still working super hard!!!  :)

2. What is your favorite style of tattooing?

I always wanted to be set apart from the bunch, I wanted to  do something different and unique , you can tell that my style can vary a lot , all depends on the client and what kind of ideas they bring to the table...

3. Who have you been tattooed by and who's on your wish list?

I been very lucky to  get tattooed and became best friend with some amazing artist but don't like to drop names I have great RESPECT and LOVE for them.

A wish list of Artist... mmmm Well there are many artist that I want to get tattoo by but I don't like to  live off expectations.. I believe once  the time comes, whoever is next, is next

4. If I wasn't a professional tattoo artist I would probably be:

Funny question... Well couple of professions..
1.- I have a I degree Genetic Engenier and Biotechnician  =)
2.- I love Cooking maybe i would of end up as a  CHEF 
3.- Unemployed  Musician 

5. One piece of advice for someone looking to get tattooed:

A TATTOO WILL SET YOU  APART.. ... think really hard about
the tattoo that you are about to get... you don't want to be part of a generation of shooting stars on your ribs  or an internet tribal...!!!! Be UNIQUE!!!!

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