Friday August 6, 2010

Meet the Off the Map Tattoo Staff #1: Ben Reigle

Here's a little mini interview we put together with our full time resident tattoo artist, Ben Reigle. Keep checking back for interviews with all of our staff! Without further adieu... Ben Reigle...


1. How long have you been tattooing and how did you get started?

4 Years, It was a long hard road for me to finally get to where I am now. I started messing around with tattooing around 16 or 17 years old , but with improper guidance I gave up. I never stopped drawing though, about 5 or 6 years ago my now ex-wife got some stars tattooed on her leg by Kevin C. and we hit it off. I showed him my drawing portfolio and he asked why i was selling guitars and not chasing what i obviously really wanted to do. He gave me an apprenticeship and I have never looked back, trying to constantly elevate my skill level.

2. What is your favorite style of tattooing?

I love color tattooing . I started by emulating traditional tattoos and new school stuff, but as i have immersed myself in the art of tattooing I have tried to expand my skill into realism and Bio. I really enjoy Bio mechanical/ bio organic type tattooing, abstract seems to call to me. I don't know though that sounds limiting, I really just love tattoing all the way around.

3. Who have you been tattooed by and who's on your wish list?

Nate Beavers, Markus Blanchard, Thomas Kynst, Jimmy Lanjnen, Nathan Kostechko, Kelly Doty, Jamie Cross, Tim Brewer all have done pieces for me. I am excited to be getting tattooed by Jeff Gogue in september, and some of my goals are Nick Baxter, Jeff Ensminger, Guy Aitchison, Tom Strom, Tim Kern, James Kern Christian Perez, Carlos Lopez, and Derek Noble.

4. If I wasn't a professional tattoo artist I would probably be:

Either a professional musician, still in music instrument retail or working as a roadie for a metal band.

5. One piece of advice for someone looking to get tattooed:

Do research, have a goal seek someone with vision and get a nice tattoo, do not settle or be bullied into getting things that maybe you do not want, but in the same I would also say be flexible and trust in your artist.

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