Monday August 2, 2010

Larry Brogan's Guest Spot & 101 Tips that Will Change Your Tattoo Career Seminar!

In two weeks we're happy to have Larry Brogan doing a guest spot at Off the Map from August 12-14 and then doing his seminar for tattoo artists at the shop on August 15th. Larry is traveling from his shop, Tattoo City, in Lockport, IL.

Larry is an award winning tattoo artist, known predominantly for his illustrative style & exaggerated realism, like the above tattoo of our friend and world famous tattooer, Bob Tyrrell. However, Larry can also bang out some seriously awesome black and gray photo realistic tattoos like this religious tattoo sleeve.

Larry will also be doing his seminar 101 Tips and Tricks that will change your tattoo career forever. This is a well rounded seminar for tattooers of all skill levels. The only requirement is wanting to learn and better your tattooing skills! 

If you're interested in getting a tattoo appointment or attending Larry's seminar, please call the tattoo shop at 413.527.6574 and we'll get you set up!


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