Monday June 28, 2010

Shawn Hebrank, we love you!

Shawn Hebrank wrapped up his guest spot this Saturday night and we really can't sing his praises enough. We try not to pick favorites but Mr. Hebrank is seriously on the ball. He always comes equipped with tons of awesome stickers, the coolest business cards in the world (only potentially trumped by Scotty Munster), T-shirts so we can all proclaim our love for dead birds, and lots of fun times. You can check out Shawn's Blog for more detailed chronicles of his trip, but here's a few awesome tattoos he did.

We were happy to have a repeat tattoo client, Todd, travel in from Connecticut to work on his four seasons sleeve tattoo. He holds the coveted prize for most visitors ever while getting tattooed, with 11 fellow tattoo enthusiasts popping in to check out his tattoo progress.

A few days later, Camille flew in all the way from Texas to get her very first tattoo. She's a complete bad ass and sat like a champ for this cherry blossom tattoo on her ribs, which also happened to be her first tattoo.

And Shawn finished up his guest spot by tattooing this awesome black and gray chest piece on his friend Amy who he stays with on his travels to Massachusetts. They didn't finish, but they got an great start to this firefly tattoo.

Big thanks again to Shawn Hebrank for being such an gracious, fun and professional guest artist. We are honored to have him everytime and can't wait to have him back!

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