Saturday June 12, 2010

Tattoo Appreciation Party is coming right up!

Hard to believe I know, it seems like just yesterday we were nursing our hangover and belly aches from too much birthday cake from our last party, but here we are, once again, with the third Thursday of the month right upon us!

If you've missed our parties in the past, shame, shame on you. We give away $500 in gift certificates every single month. No lie! The first ten clients in the door get a $25 gift certificate, and our most fun prize of $250 tattoo gift certificate goes to the person who submits the best tattoo idea! Just to be clear, you need to use the $250 towards the idea that wins, so all you folks who get drunk and submit "I want a butt tattooed on my butt" it's a no go.

In case thats not alluring enough, it's at a bar. Thats right, a good old all American dive bar. Our home away from home, Hugo's in Northampton. So come and buy us a drink, or we'll buy you one, either way if we do our job right we'll all look something like this when you walk out the door.

So come down this Thursday, June 17th at 8pm and celebrate our love for tattoos and our tattoo clients with us! We hope to see you there!


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