Tuesday June 1, 2010

Congrats to Nancy from Chicopee who won a $50 Tattoo Gift Certificate!

Tattoo enthusiast, Nancy, 47, of Chicopee MA won our first monthly raffle for a $50 Tattoo Certificate. How did she enter? All she had to do was submit a tattoo testimonial about her experience at Off the Map Tattoo. Here is what Nancy had to say:

"As a 47 year old grandmother of 2...I thought that I might be too old for a tattoo...but my first trip to Off the Map changed my mind completly! Chloe was incrediably helpful, answered every question that I had, and gave me my very first (and NOT my last) tattoo!! it's GORGEOUS!! and I'm trying to decide what my next will be .... I'd never go anywhere else.....and have sent friends there also...I'm just sorry that I waited so long....I LOVE IT!!!"

Congrats to Nancy, and good job Chloe! Hopefully this testimonials makes you as happy as you appear to be in this picture.

We got 20 tattoo testimonials our first month and hope to keep the love going this month with just as many! Every submission is automatically entered into the on-going drawing that will happen on the first of every month. As always we look forward to hearing from all our tattoo clients, and people thinking about their next custom tattoo!

Thanks for your continual support of Off the Map Tattoo!

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