Monday May 31, 2010

Bumper Sticker Madness & Tattoo Testimonials

Well, it's official, we have the best tattoo clients ever. Since the New Year we've changed quite a few things at the shop and the positive response to everything has been much more than we expected and really exciting! We've been trying out new promotions, and our favorite to date has been the bumper sticker blast. We originally ran it for a month, but the feedback was so great, we extended it, but sadly the offer is now coming to an end because we're out of bumper stickers!!!

It's so great to see our bumper stickers on cars all over Western, MA! If you missed out this time around, don't worry, we'll order more eventually and start it over again! In the mean time, if you're just bursting at the seams to show your love for Off the Map Tattoo, we now have our tattoo testimonials page! It's a great place to share your experiences to let us know how we're doing and also reassure new tattoo clients that they'll be in good hands for their next (or first!) custom tattoo!

And you read right, just send us your story to be entered in our monthly drawing!! You have one more day to make it into the May drawing, but we'll be continuing it every month, so if you miss this month, you'll be entered for June! Stayed tuned for our next news item that will announce the winner!!

Thanks again for all the incredible support of Off the Map Tattoo. We love to hear from our clients, really! Any compliments, suggestions or feedback is welcome, you can always email us your thoughts! We really do read every single email!

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