Saturday May 29, 2010

Tattoo Appreciation and Birthday Party Success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our monthly tattoo appreciation and for our celebration of two of our tattoo artists Ben Reigle and Chloe Vanessa's birthdays! We had an absolute blast with our tattoo clients, cake, birthday hats and general debauchery.

The best tattoo idea contest was won by Jonathan who wants to get this colossal octopus painting by Pierre Denys de Montfort turned into a rad custom tattoo.

So just for showing up and jotting down his idea, Jonathan won a $250 Off the Map Tattoo Gift Certificate that will go towards the cost of his tattoo! How easy and awesome is that?

In case you haven't been to one of our parties, you're totally missing out. We give away $500 in gift certificates every month! Not to mention it's a great time to talk about ideas with multiple tattoo artists in a casual environment, and not only that, but you can chat with some of our previous clients about their experiences. If you'd like to hear what people who got tattooed here think of us, check out our Tattoo Testimonials page. We always hope our work speaks for itself, but if you want a little bit of extra encouragement, luckily our clients speak for us too.

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