Tuesday May 25, 2010

Flower Tattoo Extraveganza at Off the Map Tattoo!

So with spring and summer comes flowers, and it seems quite a few of our clients have been inspired by nature this year because we have had a plethora of flower tattoos come our way.

All of our residents have gotten a chance to bang out an awesome variety of flower tattoos. Some for family, some with meaning, and some just because flowers are cool.

Ben Reigle did this cover up tattoo as part of a in progress japanese half sleeve.

Kelly Doty did this flower and butterfly tattoo as an autism awareness piece.

Tim Senecal did this spider mum tattoo on one of our repeat tattoo clients the other day who was adding to her collection of flowers on her arm started by Oleg from Russia.

Chloe Vanessa recently did this family related rose tattoo. This newly inked mom got her rose and the names of her three children as her first tattoo!

We really love our awesome clients for giving all our resident artists a chance to do some awesome custom tattoos. If you'd like to read about our tattoo client's experiences make sure to check out our testimonials page, and if you feel so inspired, don't forget tattoo consults are always free!

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