Sunday April 11, 2010

Bob Tyrrell and Shane ONeill Seminar May 9th!

 Hey there tattooers,

Want to get your realistic tattooing game on? Well on May 9th around noon Bob Tyrrell and Shane ONeill will be presenting a split seminar! From the horses mouth: "Portraits and Black and Gray Techniques. Covers all aspects of doing a black and gray portrait. And maybe some color tips from Shane!" Both Bob Tyrrell and Shane ONeill are booked up with tattoos for their guest spots, but rumor has it that one of the lucky tattooers who takes the seminar will get a special colloborative tattoo! Cost will be ~$200 and will be limited. Call (413) 527-6574 or email off the map to get on the list! Our monthly drawing night will follow, and you might as well bring 2-3 of your best tattoos and maybe they will get torn up by htese masters!

Tattoos by Bob Tyrrell

willie nelson tattoo

there will be blood tattoo

ozzy tattoo

Tattoos by Shane ONeill

child portrait

owl tattoo

bob ross tattoo

Hope to see you there!

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