Friday March 19, 2010

Off the Map Tattoo + Hugos + Massachusetts Tattoo Enthusiasts= Good Times

Well once again we had an awesome time at our tattoo appreciation party at Hugos in Northampton, MA. Tattoo talk filled most of the night (well... shots too) and as always we were super happy to see our existing tattoo clients as well as getting the chance to meet some folks who might come into Off the Map for their first tattoo.

Most of our full time staff was there including resident tattoo artists Chloe and Kelly, the tattoo shop owner Gabe, Mary who holds down the front, and Brian who hangs out at the shop and acts generally creepy. We have a seriously good time at these parties, as well as the shop, so if you haven't been to either, you need to catch up! Not to mention we're a pretty good looking group of people.

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