Sunday February 21, 2010

Teresa Sharp is in Massachusetts Tattoo appointments and walk ins available!

Theresa Sharpe is back in Massachusetts. Tattoo appointments and walk ins are available. Thanks to all the new clients coming out and getting great tattoos. Here is some of Theresa's work, give a call (413) 527-6574 or fill out an online consultation to get an appointment while they last!

Pheonix Tattoo

We have been doing a lot of Pheonix tattoos recently, each artist has done their own take in the last few weeks, keep em coming!

Cancer Cardinal

Here is a cancer support tattoo. It is also a bird tattoo and we love doing bird tattoos here. all sorts of nature tattoos are a favorite. Anyways, next tattoo...

Lion Tattoo

Realistic black and grey lion tattoo. And Im sure she would love to tattoo some of her original art on you...


Fallen Angel

Dont be afraid to start those sleeve tattoos either, Theresa is going to keep doing frequent guest spots to work on larger tattoos.

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