Saturday February 20, 2010

We have the best clients ever. Thank you Off the Map Tattoo Enthusiasts!

A big thanks to all our amazing tattoo clients and friends that came out to our Tattoo Appreciation Party on Thursday at Hugos in Northampton. If you missed it and you're kicking yourself, you should be, it was awesome. But have no fear because we do it all over again the third Thursday of every single month!

We had a blast and we had some of the best, funniest and perhaps most drunken ideas for the Best Tattoo Idea Contest. Once again we had so many killer custom tattoo ideas we had to give out a second place. First place and a $250 tattoo gift certificate goes to Steve Anderson who will be getting rusty irons gears with cracks and missing teeth with a series of vines growing over them, tattooed by Chloe Vanessa. Now that is truly a bio-mechanical tattoo!

Second place and a $100 tattoo gift certificate went to Willis for his fabulous idea of portraits of both Tony Danza and Bruce Springsteen with script under it reading Who's The Boss? I mean lets talk about ultimate show down. Doesn't get much better than this folks. Resident tattoo artist Kelly Doty is more than excited to take this one on.
If we do figure out Who, in fact, is the Boss, we will certainly let you know.

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