Tuesday February 2, 2010

Resident Artists Ben Reigle and Kelly Doty Collaborate on a Valkyrie Tattoo!

Nothing makes us happier when we have awesome clients like Patrick who let two of our tattoo artists work collaboratively on their custom tattoo. Our resident artists Kelly Doty and Ben Reigle came together to design this Valkyrie themed tattoo. They both worked together on the initital drawing, and the tattoo ended up being part stencil and partially sharpied on.

They took turns drawing until they were both happy with the final outcome and ready to tattoo! They had a little curve ball because they had to work in a cover up over the old english lettering tattoo that Patrick was already sporting, but the brainstormed and figured out the best way to tackle it.

Patrick sat like an absolute champ and took 8 full hours of tattooing! The end result was a beautifully executed black and gray tattoo that was a great blend of Kelly and Ben's style.

Our artists are always looking to do more collaborative tattoos. Ben has a schedule lined up. If you'd like one of the spots, give him a shout. Don't forget about Kelly either, she's always happy to pair up with any of our guests tattooers or fellow resident tattoo artists, like Chloe Vanessa!

Last but not least don't forget consultations are always free! Shoot us an email or give us a call to get things started!

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