Friday January 29, 2010

Massachusetts Tattooing Action Happening @ Off the Map Tattoo












This week here at Off the Map Tattoo has proved to be eventful with large projects taking place, consistent tattooing going on, Luca Natalini doing what he does best, and Nathan Kostechko arriving to kick off the Art Jam on Sunday!

Off the Map Tattoo resident artists Ben Reigle and Kelly Doty are taking on a collaborative rib tattoo today, Friday January 29, 2010.  Stay tuned for upcoming collaborative tattoos by Ben Reigle in the future!  







Off the Map Tattoo's other full time resident artist, Chloe Vanessa, is keeping busy, but always has time to make your ideas and designs into awesomely rendered tattoos!  We are always honored to have Luca Natalini from Italy attending for a guest spot.  Luca's five day guest spot has been enjoyable and mesmerizing from an observers point of view...and those being tattooed I'm sure. 

Also, as everyone must have heard by now, January 31 - THIS SUNDAY - at 5pm will be Off the Map Tattoo's Art Jam.  Guest tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko from California will be attending and adding to the inspiring atmosphere.  And, it will truly be inspiring, also attending: Markus Blanchard, Christian Perez, Marvin Silva, Jamie Cross, and John, Mark, Amy, and Evan from Tattooed Heart in Glen Bernie, MD!

If anyone is in the New England area, stop in to Off the Map Tattoo any day of the week and consult with any of our full time resident tattoo artists: Chloe Vanessa, Ben Reigle, and Kelly Doty!

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