Saturday January 23, 2010

Our Massachusetts Tattoo Studio is Hosting a Slew of Guest Tattoo Artists!

Luca Natalini

I'm sure everyone is well aware of Off the Map Tattoo's distinct feature of bringing and hosting tattoo artist guest spots from tattoo artists around the world.  So, 2010 is proving to be no different!  Luca Natalini from Italy starts things off quite nicely then things seem to snowball from there.  Off the Map Tattoo's complete guest artist roster is provided on this website, as well as individual tattoo artist profiles and portfolios.

All artists should be contacted directly through email or phone prior to scheduling with Off the Map Tattoo.

In the event that any given guest artist is booked for the entirety of his/her stay, email or call the shop to get on the waiting list - people are known to cancel and not show up, after all.

If you are interested in getting a tattoo the right artist for you will most likely be traveling to Massachusetts, tattooing here at Off the Map Tattoo.  However, it is important to find the correct artist and go about in a stategic and precise manner.  In order to help you do this we have put together an informative outline on how to go about the process, what you must know before commiting to a tattoo, and what to look for in an artist.  Visit Get the Perfect Tattoo and carefully read over it.

Don't forget Off the Map Tattoo's Art Jam with guest tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko on Jan. 31 @ 5pm!



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