Saturday January 17, 2009

Tom Strom Seminar Description

Tom Strom: "Fancy Rendering at a Later Date Cannot Save a Poor Original Conception". It doesn't get much clearer than that. This is something that I firmly believe in and think about with every tattoo I do. I started tattooing because of people like Marcus Pacheco, Aaron Cain, Timothy Hoyer. Tattoo artists that drew actual conceptualized art! I would like to see people get inspired like that again so I'm going to do what I can to get people drawing from the heart. I will be talking a lot about ways to improve your drawing skills, how to build your own visual library, how to separate yourself, paying attention to detail, envisioning dynamic compositions, how to engage in a dance off (maybe), and whatever else I can get in there. You should want to draw your ass off by the time you get out of here! Tom will kick off Seminar Week at Off the Map Tattoo Monday April 13th. Each seminar is $150 and only ten spots are available. Call Off the Map Tattoo @ (413) 527-6574 and put down a $25 deposit to save your spot.

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