Sunday April 23, 2017

New England News: Artist Spotlight - Ryan Muldoon



     Ryan was born and raised in the backwoods of New York City to be a simple hobbit fisherman. While living there  he found a love of all things weird and a serious passion for making art. He began his tattooing career at a small shop in Queens in 2011. As a young man he became disenchanted with his surroundings and was soon drawn to the bright lights and glamorous nature of Easthampton, Massachusetts where he could hone his skills at the lost art of opossum hugging. In 2016 he seized the opportunity to join the talented crew at Off the Map Tattoo NE. 
      He is always looking to expand his understanding of art, learning and enjoy all that life has to offer. Ryan works in a bold, illustrative style and loves tattoo nature things - bugs, reptiles, dinosaurs, and food. He likes twisted humor and on fleek hairstyles. 

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