Tuesday April 18, 2017

New England News: Artist Spotlight - Kellsey Mull


     Kellsey Mull is one of our full-time artists at Off The Map Easthampton. She is lover of cats, unicorns, and all things sparkly. Kellsey claims to be from Connecticut, though we suspect she may be hiding an other-worldly past. She likes crystals and magic and graphic medical photos. 

     Kellsey has had several appearances on our own Off The Map Live! show, the first one being on the Jeff Gogue/Dan Marshall/Gabe Leonard episode featured below. She also currently co-hosts the network news with Josh Suchoza. Let Kellsey craft something magical for you today. 



Check out Kellsey's very first OTMLive! appearance starting around 1:23:00

check out Kellsey and Nick Baxter here: 


(don't forget to check out her on Instagram)

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