Thursday April 13, 2017

New England News: Artist Spotlight - Ben Licata


     Ben Licata likes skulls. He also likes tattoos. And wouldn't you know, he likes both tattooing skulls and collecting skull tattoos? Ben had been an oil painter for many years before he began his tattoo apprenticeship right here at Off The Map (he has been our Digital Media Producer and host of everyone's favorite show - Off The Map Live! for a while as well).  

      Maybe you don't love skulls as much as Ben does, but you're still in luck. Ben also likes unicorns (and maybe was formerly in a band of the same name), puns, and creating art that makes his clients happy. Ben is very talented and creative and can make your ideas come to life. Whether you're looking for a skull, a Tasmanian Devil, or a rose, Ben will put his all into creating unique art for you. 

Come meet Ben today!

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Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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