Wednesday February 1, 2017

New England News: Caleb Morgan is here for you in this life and the next

Caleb Morgan will be joining us in Easthampton from April 29th to May 2nd.

Caleb has been tattooing for over 7 years, and prior to becoming a tattoo artist he attended RISD, and also attended the Cleveland Institute of Art. He was an Emergency Medical Technician for 3 years as well.

Caleb's style of tattooing is Illustrative realism and portraiture with the occasional New Skool. He really enjoys high saturation color work and high contrast black and Grey.

A lot of his work is inspired from HR Geiger, Dali, and Steven Gammel.

Caleb owns two shops by the name of Elysium Tattoo with his wife (who is also a tattoo artist) Alisha Morgan - one in Cromwell, Connecticut and one in Fort Myers, Florida.

Come meet Caleb while he's here!

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