Sunday June 12, 2016

New England News: Black and my soul

Looking to have some awesome black and grey work done? Good thing we have another handful of amazing and talented guest artists coming up in July for Black and Grey Week!!!


First up, Pepper! Pepper will be joining us from Florida for a brief stint. Pepper works in black and grey photo realism.

She has been tattooing since the age of 16, and boy, is she awesome (and super cool to boot)! Pepper will be joining us from July 20-24.

If you're interested in being tattooed by Pepper while she is here, email


Also joining us that week will be Bob Tyrrell

'nuff said.

Bob will be here July 20-23. 

Marshall Bennett will be joining us from July 20-23 as well. 

Here are some stunning examples of Marshall's work.

Marshall also works in black and grey realism!

Rounding out the top four, we have Whitney Seanor from PA!

Whitney also works in black and grey photo realism (see how this black and grey thing is a theme, hence the whole black an grey week idea?)


Whitney can be reached at for long-distance consultations.


Stay tuned for our next installment of "Great Guests coming to the Northeast!"


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