Monday September 28, 2015

Northwest News: 3 weeks Until WWTC!!!

October is damn near here, and with it brings the Portland World Wide Tattoo Conference happening October 19 through 21! An inspiring 2 and a half days of education and networking led by Guy Aitchison, Adrian Lee, Alex De Pase, Nikko Hurtado, Nick Baxter, Ralf Nonneweiler, James Kern, Russ Abbott, Durb Morrison, and our own Gabe Ripley and Jeff Gogue! In our own backyard: Portland, Oregon!


The WWTC is not a tattoo convention, but a series of professional seminars with a didactic purpose. If you are looking for a convention, the Portland Tattoo Expo is happening in October also. The WWTC is for people who want more than just a convention! Devised by prolific minds that intended to expand their knowledge and expertise in the tattoo world, the 2.5 day intensive seminar WWTC is now the point of reference for any professional tattooist who conceives tattoo as a form of art and wants to master their abilities and talent.

The project came to life in October 2011, when the first WWTC was held in Rome. The artists involved were: Nick Baxter, Jeff Gogue, Alex De Pase and Boris, sided by the tattoo marketing expert Gabe Ripley. It was a great success and attendees were enthusiastic about the experience they had had the opportunity to share.

Then it was the turn of Chicago in April 2012 with Nick Baxter, Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gogue, Boris, Guy Aitchison and Alex De Pase and its WWTC was even more successful than Rome: 250 guests rallied from all over the world to assist at the best tattoo seminars ever put together in recent times. The WWTC project was just the right stuff and it had to go on. 2012: at the Tobacco Dock in London, just before the 8th International London Tattoo Convention; 2013: Danvers - Boston; 2014: Venice, Italy; 2015 PORTLAND, OREGON! 


For more information about the schedule click here. To get tickets (and hurry, because they are going fast) click here

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