Monday September 21, 2015

Northwest News: Nicole Laabs


Nicole Laabs finished up her 4 day stay with us with a fun interview on last night with Bird! We had a great time with her while she was here, and she got to do some walk-ins (which doesn't get to happen for her very often any more)!


While she was here, we got a chance to ask her a few questions. We mostly wanted to know: "Nicole, what is your quest?" and she told us "To no be a token female tattoo artist, but to be sought after". Power to you, sister, that's something we can all stand behind. 

Nicole has been tattooing since 2010, after a year and a half long apprenticeship at Divinity Tattoo, where she currently resides. She got into tattooing after someone told her she couldn't (and damnit she is proving them so wrong too). She loves to tattoo color, and animals, and is a Lefty! We asked how it affected her, being a southpaw in a righty world, and she said she learned on a right-handed setup first, so techincally she can be ambidextrious about setups, but she will usually start on the left side of the stencil (smart!).

Artistic talent and creativity runs in her family, as her mom and grandma are the artistic type, but being a triplett she is the only one of her siblings that absorbed her family talent! Her family has been super supportive of her career (except for 1 cousin, but she is young and doens't understand how art is superior to playground crushes). Her grandfather especially has been supportive, surprising her once by asking if she was planning on wearing a backless dress (she has her back tattooed) and when she replied that she was, he told her "Oh, it's going to look beautiful!" And even her step-mom has come around and warmed up to tattoos now!

Nicole lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her fabulously handsome cat Gunnar. Her favorite color is "prism". She is off to a mad-max, post-apocalyptic event in the desert of California called Wasteland Weekend, next, and we wish her an awesome time!

Stay tuned for another for her next visit in 2016! We will post dates of her return when they become available!

THANK YOU, NICOLE LAABS! You were awesome!

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