Monday July 6, 2015

Northwest News: Drink and Draw Night Details!

Details for the Drink and Draw night have been finalized! We are looking forward to having everyone at the shop for a fun evening starting at 5pm on Thursday, July 30th! This is for the 21 years and older crowd due to the nature of this event!

  • Absolutely free!
  • Bring Your Own Beverage is highly encouraged! 
  • We will provide some drinks, and some snacks!
  • Bring Your Own Supplies! Paper, canvas, pencils, pens, markers, crayons... whatever you need to draw!
  • Bring a friend is also encouraged!

Get ready to make new friends, and have a relaxing evening hanging out with all your favorite Off The Map Northwest friends. We would like to encourage EVERYONE to come and hang out! This event is open to everyone: artists and non-artistic people alike! You DO NOT need to be artistic to come and participate, we don't judge and won't be giving lessons, and don't mind if you just want to come scribble! Or are you an artist and want to come show us what you got? We dig that too!

This is an open invite to come try something new with us and help us figure out some future fun events! Past clients, current clients, future clients, and friends of the above are all welcome! We would like to start hosting some fun monthly events, just to socialize, and are running a little experiment to see how it goes. The Drink and Draw night will be our first run, and we would love to see how it all flows and get some feedback so we can try to do more of these kinds of nights!

For more information, visit our Facebook page where we have created an "event page" for this event where you can even share with your friends! We are really looking forward to hanging out with everyone! Feel free to call the shop if you have any questions about this as well (541) 244-1141!

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