Saturday June 27, 2015

Northwest News: Awesome Resident Appreciation: Nic LeBrun

This month, we feature one of our newest, most-quickly up-and-coming-est resident artists, Nic LeBrun!


Nic pictured with Shawn Hebrank and Teresa Sharpe


Nic "the Bear" LeBrun was born in Massachusetts, and has spent time in California, Tahoe and Reno area, off the grid in Happy Camp area, and finally in Grants Pass. He is extremely talented and creative, and we are privileged to have him as one of our own. Nic has so much talent already, and has filled his books to the point of 2 months out in only 4 months of being an official artist here!



Nic has been working for Off The Map Tattoo for over 3 years, since we sprang up here in Grants Pass, starting in February of 2012. This past February (2015) marked his official start date of full-time tattooing with us, after 3 previous years of managing for us. Nic did 2 years of art school at the Southern Oregon Art Academy, and then went on to do the State of Oregon's required licensing program where he excelled and got his license in August of 2014.



Nic has been interested in art for as long as he can remember, but in high school thought "you can't make a living doing art!" and then found Off The Map and realized "you CAN make money doing art"! His favorite style of tattooing is illustrative, with elements of realism. We asked Nic who he would tattoo, if he could tattoo anyone, living or dead, and he told us he would tattoo Emma Goldman. Also, on Nic's Tattoo Check List, is being tattooed by Nick Baxter!



Nic lives with his life partner of 13+ years, Ashley of Wild Rose Herbs, and their cat Rydley, dog Sasha, and their 13 awesome ducks. His favorite color is black. Over the last 10-15 years, Nic has played in 4 bands, and now sings and plays guitar as a solo act (sometimes)!


We appreciate Nic! To book a free consult with him, give us a call at the shop (541) 244-1141!







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