Monday June 1, 2015

Northwest News: JoCo Animal Shelter Fundraiser Raffle for June

Our local animal shelter has it pretty ruff [rough] with all the county budget cuts. We are some of the biggest softies for animals, and want to do what we can to help the cats and dogs (and other animals) at our very own Grants Pass shelter. So we will be selling raffle tickets, $1 a piece or 25 for $20, to win a $100 tattoo gift certificate and donating every single penny we collect to the Josephine County Animal Shelter here in Grants Pass, Oregon! The raffle will run from June 1st until June 30th and then we will annouce a winner!

The shelter is always in need of donations! They need things like: Pet food, both canned cat and dog food and dry kibble. They also need higher protein kibble for puppies and kittens. Old towels and rags for cleaning and bathing the animals. Old blankets, rugs, and bedding for the dogs and cats. Washable toys for the pets (TENNIS BALLS ARE GREAT) to help ease the stress of kennel life. Bleach, laundry detergent, dish soap, and garbage bags (55 gallon and tall kitchen). Pet shampoos, grooming supplies, and clippers. Water buckets, both half gallon and one gallon size. Video camera and digital camera to help serve in our ongoing investigations. Cat kennels, both fixed and collaspable, are desperatley needed. Portable pet carriers. Small cat litter pans and kitty litter. Food bowls for both dogs and cats. Metal-type food dishes. And volunteers are always needed.


All photos courtesy the JoCo Shelter facebook page!


There are lots of ways to help: stop by any time during the month of June to buy raffle tickets in person; volunteer to help walk dogs and play with the animals to help ease the stress of kennel life; donate supplies to the shelter; spread the word; ADOPT AN ANIMAL! Contact the JoCo Animal Shelter for more information on how you can help them directly at 541-474-5458.


Or give us a call to learn more about our raffles for local causes or to find out more information about raffle tickets or donating (541) 244-1141!

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