Monday May 18, 2015

Northwest News: Jeff Gogue Watercolor Art to be featured at the Anniversary Party

We have been pretty busy planning and preparing for the 3 year anniversary party that is coming up on Friday (May 22, 2015)! Those of you that follow Jeff Gogue's instagram may know about his recent run of watercolor paintings, and for those who don't know: Jeff has recently been on a watercolor trek the last 2 months and has some beautiful pieces that we will have hanging up and featured for debut at the party on Friday!

Jack the Cat, helping Jeff Gogue with his art.

As for the party, we are very excited to celebrate with all of our friends, clients, potential clients, and everyone in between! Unicycle Brand will be there, as well as our lovely guest artist Laura Jade! Come hang out, we would love to have you!

This event will be free, open to the public, and will have games, giveaways, raffles, door prizes from local merchants, music, food, and [limited] beverages (though we do encourage BOYB). Party starts at 7pm at the Grants Pass location! Looking forward to celebrating 3 awesome years with all of you!

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