Sunday March 22, 2015

New England News: This week brings Hans PJ and Mike Woods!

It's hard to believe that March is nearly coming to a close! What better way to usher in Spring than by welcoming some insanely talented guest artists?! This week brings us Hans PJ and Mike Woods! PJ is in the studio all the way from Gavle, Sweden and is already jumping into the swing of things and cranking out some killer tattoos for his lucky clients. PJ has been tattooing since 2002 and specializes in realistic/surrealistic tattoos with his main focus being portrait tattoos

PJ is the perfect example of why having a regular roster of talented guest artists in the studio is such a unique opportunity for our clients. How cool is it that folks living in New England can come to little ol' Easthampton, MA and get tattooed by such an immensely talented International artist that they may not otherwise have access to?! Check back to our website often as the Guest Artist schedule is always growing! 

Tomorrow we are joined by Mike Woods who is traveling from Houston, Texas where he is the owner of Advent Tattoo. Mike is extremely versatile in his tattooing, as he works in both black & grey and color and in a variety of styles.


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