Wednesday February 25, 2015

Off the Map LIVE! News: An Amazing Season of Webinars is on it's Way!

We have an amazing season of Webinars coming up and we're excited to tell you about it.

Starting with the Paradise Artist Live Stream next month and on into the summer we have an unprecedented line up of tattoo and art webinars on our docket. 

If you can't make it out to this year's Paradise Artist Retreat in Tamaya New Mexico fear not. We have begun selling a live streaming ticket that will get you access to all the seminars and discussion panels. You can set up in your studio and share the greatness with your artist friends.

In June the masterful Adam Guy Hays will be presenting his "Breaking Borders" webinar. He'll be sharing his tips, tricks and techniques to take your artwork beyond flash.This will be available as both a live ticket and a streaming ticket. Get yours here.

July brings a monster grouping of black and grey bad asses. Bob Tyrrell will presenting an all new webinar centered around tattooing dog portraits and really nailing fur textures and wet eyes and noses.  Jose Perez will be sharing his years of experience and will show you how he does what he does, including large scale freehand designs and creating unparrallled depth in your tattoos.  German tattooer Ralf Nonnweiler will be conducting his newest seminar.His seminar will begin with an introduction of how he began painting, moving into painting portraits, then discovering the world of tattoo culture. From there he’ll talk about his early days tattooing and why he chose black and grey. He’ll explain about his technique, including machine choice, needle selection and what I inks He work with. Amazing realistic tattooer Rember will be presenting an all new webinar as well, he may even throw in some of his amazing color techniqe! 

This barely scratches the surface of what we have in store in the coming year. For more info stayed plugged into to . Be on the look out for more information about everything in coming news posts as well.


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