Sunday January 18, 2015

New England News: This Week Brings us Sorin Gabor!

It’s hard to believe that January is already in its last couple of weeks! Time sure flies when amazing art is being created! Next up on the Off the Map Guest Artist roster, we welcome back Sorin Gabor from Ohio! Sorin is happiest tattooing in the realm of realism and bio organic styles of art. He loves tattooing things from nature; with realistic flowers being on the top of his list of tattoo loves. Lay your eyes upon these beautiful floral pieces that Sorin created for some happy clients.

Of course when it comes to realism his game doesn’t end at flowers. Realistic skulls are right up his alley as well!

While he is happy tattooing pretty things, he also thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to get creatively creepy from time to time as well! Case in point; check out these grotesquely unique tattoos by Mr. Gabor.

Sorin will be calling Off the Map Tattoo his home from January 20th through January 31st. He has been booking up quickly so don’t snooze on snagging one of his remaining available appointment spots! You can contact him directly to discuss your ideas or feel free to contact us at the studio!

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