Friday November 14, 2014

Northwest News: Welcome Nic Lebrun to the (Tattoo) Team!

It's been a long time coming that former manager, Nic Lebrun, has made his way through tattoo school and Oregon licensing and he will now transition his role at the front desk into his new position as a resident tattoo artist! Nic has been with Off the Map Northwest since the beginning, and our very first employee to transition from a customer service position to a tattooer!

Oregon is no piece of cake when it comes to becoming a professional tattooer, and Nic has been dedicated and driving two hours each way to attend the state required tattoo school for the past few months. We were super impressed once we saw hie beginning tattoo work. Check out his very first tattoo!!

In tattoo school. Nic continued to explore various subject matters and styles, and early indications point to Nic being quite a versatile tattoo artist! There is all sorts of styles showing through in these tattoos from traditional to illustrative with a little realism. We're excited to see more tattoos completed and watch Nic's personality really start to show in his art.

Starting immediately Nic will be taking on new clients at our Northwest studio with working starting at $100/hr or priced per piece. He will be working a flexible schedule until he is completely alleviated of his front room hours, at which point he will transition to a to be determined set schedule of 5 days a week of tattooing. Speaking of which, we are still looking for the perfect replacement to work the front counter.

We are so thrilled to formally announce this next step for Nic and Off the Map Tattoo and we hope you're as jazzed as we are! On top of that we are also happy to let you East Coasters know that Nic will be joining us in Easthampton, MA for a guest spot May 10-16! 

So what the heck are ya waiting for? We even have a list to make it easy for you! Go ahead a book a free consult with Nic or if you're a bit shy shoot him an email! Then make sure you bookmark his website, friend him on Facebook and follow him on Instagram!

Please join us in congratulating Nic and (re)welcoming him to the team!!


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