Tuesday October 21, 2014

New England News: Whoa Man Take it Easy!

Ladies and Germs, its that time again! TUESDAY NEWS!! This week lets talk about what you want tattooed and when you should get it. We all want to be tattooed, lets be honest. If you've had a tattoo you are already aware of how fun and incredibly addicting they are. But take your time peeps its gonna be something thats on you forever and never! This picture will show you how long you should research a tattoo and artist.

Research your references AND your artist thoroughly! Price point is important but don't skimp out they are forever! Sometimes price reflects the artist ability but not always, so keep that in mind. Thats all I got peoples so as always keep it awesome possum!

Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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