Tuesday October 14, 2014

New England News: The end of Dr. October!

Time again for this weeks Tuesday News! This week we are gonna talk about the artist that are gonna help close up the month, Sorin Gabor and Daniel Adamczyk! These dudes are super rad and making their presence known at the end of October! Sorin's a bio genius who comes to us from Eclectic Tattoo in Northridgevill Ohio! Check this stuff out holy bad ass bio Batman!

Daniel Adamczyk comes to us from Painted Soul Tattoo in Connecticut! I mean look at this tattoo, this guy crushes these colors!

Your gonna want to get in with these guys ASAP before their time disappears! Also don't forget to check out our Guy Aitchison and Russ Abott Evolution event thats happening on October 22nd to through the 23rd! Thats all I got and as always stay awesome possum!

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