Tuesday October 23, 2007

Nikko and Steve Morris on Tattoo Wars tonight!

Two Off the Map Tattoo guest artists will be on national TV tonight, October 23rd on TLC at 8PM. TLC has a new show called Tattoo Wars. It has been on for two weeks, though you would not know it because they are doing zero advertising and promotion for it. Here's the shows description: "Tattoo Wars pits the best tattoo artists of our time against each other in a head to head creation competition. In each episode we explore the world, legend and work of two internationally acclaimed tattooists. Then we travel to a huge tattoo expo where our stars, in three hours time, ink a tattoo on the skin of two willing clients. These creations have a common theme, such as a dragon, a calla lily, a sailor, a tribal gauntlet, or a hanya (Japanese devil mask) but are rendered in the unique style of each artist. As the show closes, thousands of show attendees vote for the creation they like the best and the winning artist takes home the Tattoo Wars trophy." The participating artists are (so far): Mike Rubendall vs. Bugs (1st week) Leo Zuluetta vs. Rory Keating (2nd week) Oct 25, 8:00 pm- Nikko Hurtado vs. Steve Morris (This week!) Nov 01, 8:00 pm- Guy Aitchison vs. Aaron Cain Nov 08, 8:00 pm- Deano Cook vs. Tom Renshaw Nov 15, 8:00 pm- Seth Ciferri vs. Michelle Myles If you can send them an email to the below address tell them you would like to see Tattoo Wars better promoted- through adds etc. No one knows the show is on! Help spread the word, this is a chance for the general public to become more familiar with the artistry of tattooing. Please support this show. We need more tattoo shows that take the artform seriously.

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