Tuesday September 16, 2014

New England News: Just gotta add a lil' love!

It's Tuesday News time! Whats up tattoo guys and goyls! Its that time again and this time we will be talking about lotioning dem tattoos even after they have healed! Winter is upon us and I don't know about you all but my skin gets drier than the Mojave Desert! You might have noticed that a dry tattoo looks much better in the shower. Well thats because skin thats properly moisturized will do that!

So even though its healed, lotion/ moisturizer is like make up for your piece or pieces! Pimp yourself out, son! Also plenty of water intake helps, too! After its healed any mositurizer will spruce up your piece but remember that during your healing period, you should never use any scented lotions! Thats all I got ladies and germs so until next time, stay awesome possum!


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