Thursday September 4, 2014

Northwest News: Don't Fight the Brain Seminar

Markus Lenhard : Don't Fight The Brain

A live seminar - Off the Map Northwest September 14th

markus lenhard seminar

I want to help you find your own, easily readable graphic language and style.

Every Human Brain processes visual information the same way!

Before the information reaches the part where association, recognition, memory and taste come in,
a lot of decisions have already been made subconsciously.

Your brain decides whether or not an image is worth your attention, admiration or a commitment to

Understanding how this works will generate a deeper understanding about natural aesthetics and
will help to crystallize order from chaos and show you new possibilities for your own personal
problem solving.

these are the core concepts of the day:

  • the human visual mind
  • Priority of contrasts
  • Specialized contrasts
  • Eye guidance
  • Natural vs. forced flow

we will substantiate these concepts by analysis of examples of my own work, before finding them at work in natural photography, art and tattoos.
A general understanding of color theory is helpful for this.
I will be speaking and showing slides for 3-3,5h with breaks No Handouts, bring something to write.
If time allows, an open ended Q&A and portofolio critique within reason is something I look forward
So think about some questions and your favorite piece (tattoo or design)on a usb stick.
The ownder of the tattoo cannot be present or I can't be honest
USA - book through (link)
UK - Burry Port WAL

markus lenhard seminar

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