Saturday August 9, 2014

Northwest News: All Press is Good Press!

Even with the ever increasing acceptance of tattoos amidst the mainstream there are still undoubtedly tattoo taboos within our culture. Face tattoos certainly fall into that category and Northwest resident Johnny Smith is no stranger to what he has dubbed "Face Sleeves." This sort of work should not be taken lightly and it is up the tattoo artist to make a judgement call that could inevitably end with mass controversy, especially given the use and nature of social media, should they decide to go through with it. This is completely understandable as face tattoos, let alone face sleeves, will completely change how you are percieved, may curtail your employment opportunities, and are certainly a bold and daring statement. However, there are individuals who are more than willing to take this risk and we certainly hope any tattoo artist willing to make use of a face as a canvas does so responsibly.


Johnny Smith has been getting a lot of press lately due to a couple of face sleeves he has been working on over the past year or so on some great clients who live lifestyles which free them from the potential consequences of such daring acts. Various Instagram and Facebook outlets have showcased the progression and Inked Magazine wrote a quick blog about it. Though face tattoos are even controversial among our own staff, we respect our clients choices to adorn their bodies how they see fit according to their own self determined interests. What are your thoughts?






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