Thursday August 7, 2014

Northwest News: Canyon Webb Guest Spotting at Guru Tattoo

Resident artist Canyon Webb left early this morning headed to San Diego California for a guest spot at Guru Tattoo.  I asked canyon a couple of random questions as he was leaving.  Canyon what excites you about this particular opportunity? "The level of tattooing at Guru sets the bar quality and consistency.  If there is one shop I am intimidated by it is Guru.  It was a major deciding factor for me, I want to face my fears and work around people I have a lot of respect for.  I am really hoping to absorb it all like a sponge and elevate my own skillset."

What tattoos or tattooers are you personally drawn to?  " I love tattoos that look like tattoos....anything with a solid line or solid color gets me excited about tattooing.  I love the artists that keep a genuine look to their tattoos.  Too many artists imitate the latest fad, but my favorite artists keep a timeless quality to their work".

If you could tattoo a famous dead person who would you choose?  "Hunter S. Thompson.  I can't imagine having personal time with such an iconic lunatic.  Tattooing embodies a lot of Hunter's messages free speech, questioning authority, rebellion and individuality.  I really try channeling his attitude when I am feeling self concious, or when worrying about an upcoming tattoo.  Sometimes you have to throw your hands up and say to Hell with it"!!

What's your favorite bad movie?  "Oooh.  Hard one.  I will have to go with my first good bad movie experience.  1987's Monster Squad an absolute childhood favorite it was like Goonies dunked in horror movie badness.  Watching now as an adult it never falls short of awesome.  Campy characters, great monster make up and a great script.  Young Canyon was delighted at the opportunity to say Wolf man's got nards!!"

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