Sunday August 3, 2014

New England News: Emy Blacksheep is here!

We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Emy Blacksheep into the studio for her first guest spot at Off the Map Tattoo! Emy has come all the way from France to be here and we can't wait to see the custom creations she adorns her lucky clients with!

With her unique style and color palettes, her tattoos are exceptionally pleasing to look at. Her style is versatile while staying consistent as she is able to tackle many subjects that her clients come up with.

Emy also seemlessly icorporates geomteric shapes and patterns into her tattoos, creating really fun pieces that stand out among other tattoos in the same genre.

Emy is in the studio through August 12th and has availabilty! Call, email or stop into the studio to book an appointment with her while she is in town!


Always Hiring6-24 Month ProcessApply:Tattooer Apprentice

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