Tuesday July 8, 2014

New England News: Money aint a thang!

Ok so here it is. There's alot of folks out there who say things like "Oh my god, tattoos are so expensive!" "Ewww thats way too much money, its just a tattoo!" Truth be told, tattoos cost money.

Relative to tangible items, they are VERY expensive! But what we need to understand as a collective is two fold:

1. Contrary to popular belief, tattoos are artwork. People realistically pay thousands for artwork all the time



If you go to a shop/artist and they tell you they can do your giant, rediculously realistic, and intricate piece for penies, its probably not a good idea. It costs money to get good tattoos, but they are a luxury. Pay the money, get a good tattoo that will last you a lifetime! Stay awesome possum!

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